Homeopathic Treatment of Obesity

Homeopathic Treatment of Obesity
Homeopathic Treatment of Obesity

Best Homeopathic Medicines for Obesity, Overweight and Weight Loss
When our body weight increases in proportion to our length, we call it obesity. Obesity is not really a disease. It is a physical condition that arises either due to some disease or due to lazy lifestyle. Actually, we should eat food according to our lifestyle, but when we take more calories than we need, then it starts accumulating in our body and this increases the weight of the body. Another important reason for this is according to the state of the country. Don’t have to take it.

Homeopathic Remedies for Weight Loss

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The biggest cause of obesity – Cause of obesity In fact, for the last several years in our country, we are taking food according to the climate of the western countries, which is digested slowly because it is cold and the food should be said to be cold which is digested slowly because there is no sun. If we eat such food, it will not digest and then it will cause about 80 diseases including sugar, high cholesterol, heart attack, thyroid etc. and you see these diseases were not seen in the last twenty years.

Today, every household has some or the other of these diseases and we ourselves are responsible for it. My aim to make this website (homeopathyonlinemd .com) is that what should we do to not get sick and if there is any disease. So how to cure it safely because allopathic has given us hundreds of such diseases which were not here to cure a disease. Obesity cannot be diagnosed only by medicine, for this we will have to change our diet and way of living, in this article, I am going to tell you about all these and effective medicines of homeopathy if you follow it with complete rules. So you will lose at least five to seven kilos of weight in a month, meaning in 6 months you will see a change in yourself. It took many years to become fat, now you can give 6 months to become thin.

Rules for drinking water in obesity:

1) After waking up in the morning, two glasses of lukewarm water should be drunk before brining.
2) Water should always be sipped – sip and drink.
3) Drink only one or two sips of water in the food bench and only after one hour.
4) Always drink fresh or lukewarm water, never drink fridge water.

Rules for eating food in obesity:

1) You have to chew the food very well.
2) If dinner is not very light then it is better.
3) Avoid eating roasted and stale food.
4) Do not consume tea, if asked, you can drink without sugar and milk.
Homeopathic Treatment of Obesity – Treatment of Obesity
A diet plan of three days will have to be followed before starting treatment and after three days, you have to eat a special diet plan. In addition to obesity, other stomach related diseases should also follow Healthy benefits can also be found quickly.

Three Days Diet plan for Obesity

In the morning – start with a glass of lukewarm water and after regular work drink a glass of fresh Loki juice, take care that gourd is not bitter.
The first day is to have only salad and fruit, not to eat sweet at all. On both days, take porridge with rock salt and dal in the morning, but only one bowl is best whenever hungry. Eat two cucumbers with black salt and lemon. Do not take lemon if it is a buttermilk. For the rest of the day, if you are a diabetic, if you are diabetic to look after the selection of fruits, otherwise kheer is best.

Homeopathic Treatment of Obesity

Although there are many medicines according to luxation in homeopathy, but the medicines given below affect all the patients and within a few days the weight loss starts, remember that you have to make a diet plan before taking the medicine, so that the body is improved.
(1) Fucus Q
(2) Phytolacca Berry Q
Both the medicines have to be mixed in the same quantity and take twenty drops in half a cup of water three times a day.
If you are also suffering from obesity, you can take two drops of Calcarea Carb 200 directly on the tongue in the evening.

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