Homeopathic medicine for heart diseases

homeopathic medicine for heart block
homeopathic medicine for heart block

34% of deaths in India were due to heart diseases.

Over the past few years in India, the many cardiologists here have been noticing a worrying trend that the number of heart-attack cases comming in hospitals are among 30-40-year olds is on the rise and the most important thing is that they do not have any conventional risk factors and the case are coming from metro cities .People are from MNC’s working in high stress environment .You are reading homeopathic medicine for heart diseases

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Risk Factors for heart diseases

Homeopathic treatment of heart diseases and risk factors

Factors such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, physical inactivity or hyper-activity usually cause many type of heart diseases .

Best homeopathic remedies for heart diseases

Homeopathic treatment of heart diseases is varies person to person according to symptoms of diseases here we are presenting most effective homeopathic medicine of heart diseases .

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 is given immediately at the onset of a heart attack. There is numbness of the left arm.

Cactus grandiflorus treats angina pectoris. The arteries and heart are  weak due to atherosclerosis. 

Spigelia relieves violent cardiac palpitations with shooting pain in the breast area. An inability to sleep, worse sleeping on the left side.

Craetaegus oxyacantha is a tonic for the heart. It treats coronary insufficiency. The pulse is rapid and visible. The pain on the left side of the chest radiates to the left arm.

Aurum metallicum treats myocardial weakness. The chest pain is aggravated at night. A sensation as if the heartbeat will cease.

Latrodectus treats precordial pain, the pain intensifies with breathing.

Laurocerasus is indicated for heart failure.

Digitalis treatscardiac muscle failure. There is a slow pulse, a tight heart, palpitation, the sensation as if suffocating, and all symptoms are aggravated sleeping on left side.

Baryta carbonica is indicated for a senile heart,atherosclerosis, hypertension, and loss of memory.

Viscum album treats hypertrophy of the heart.

Glonoinum treats hypertension, atherosclerosis, and all heart conditions aggravated in the heat of the sun.

Platina relieves spasmodic contraction of the muscle around the heart.

Carbo vegetabilis is indicated for heart failure with cyanosis. 

Naja treats angina pectoris. The chest pains radiates towards the nape of neck to the left upper shoulder, and arm.

Veratum album calms cardiac palpitations.

Plumbum album is indicated for hypertension, sclerosis, and loss of memory.

Strophantus is indicated if there is suspicion of a heart attack. The degeneration of the cardiac muscle accompanied by irregular heartbeat. The pulse rate is rapid at times and slow at other times.

Tabacum treats hypertrophy of the heart.

Kalmia treats bradycardia accompanied by rheumatism or gout.

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