Homeopathic medicine for heart block

homeopathic medicine for heart block
homeopathic medicine for heart block

Homeopathy Remedies for Heart Block

What is Heart Block ?

A healthy heart in human body normally beats at about 60 to 100 times a minute. The heartbeat shows is one contraction of our heart muscles, which pushes blood into the parts of human body. and every heart muscle contraction is controlled by some electrical signals that comes from the atria, or you can say from the upper chambers of the our heart, to the ventricles, or the lower chambers. You are reading homeopathic medicine for heart block.

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There are two category of heart block – partial heart block , Complete heart block

A partial heart block happens when the electrical impulses are delayed or stopped, preventing the heart from beating regularly.

A complete heart block is when the electrical signals stop completely. The heartbeat will drop to about 40 times per minute.

Types of Heart Block

There are three types of heart block.

First-degree heart block: least serious type of heart block,it can be controlled by diet and life changes and does not generally require any treatment.

Second-degree heart block :This type of heart block occurs when some electrical signals never reach the heart now this a serious medical condition and need medical attention .

Third-degree or complete heart block :This is a danger side when electrical signals do not travel from the upper and lower chambers it is critical condition and need immediate medical treatment .

Homeopathy medicine for heart block
Homeopathy medicine for heart block

Symptoms of Heart Block

If a person has a heart block, then he/she may experience following symptoms:

  • slow or non-regular heartbeats, or palpitations
  • shortness of breath
  • light headedness with fainting
  • pain or discomfort in the chest mostly left side
  • feels difficulty in regular doing exercise, because lack of blood being pumped by heart around the body

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Homeopathy Medicine for Heart Block

Homeopathy Treatment of heart block is very effective and shows good result in the First and Second stage of heart block even in Third stage it is very effective with conventional treatment and restricted diet plan .

Best Homeopathy Treatment of heart block is below ….

  • Arnica Montana Mother Tincture
  • Crataegus mother tincture
  • Arjuna mother tincture
  • Cactus mother tincture

How to Use : Mixed all above homeopathic medicine for heart block in equal quantity and take 30 to 40 drops three times a day for 3 months.

Digitalis 30 – If cardiac dilatation is there with heart block

Spigelia 30 – When abnormal palpitation with low pulse and chest pain in left side.

Kalmia 30 – When Pains extending down left arm. Chronic heart weakness with difficult breathing .

Diet Restrictions and life style while taking homeopathy treatment of heart block

  1. Stop oily food
  2. Take boiled vegetables
  3. Walk daily
  4. Stop dairy product
  5. Take small quantity healthy oil like olive oil in food
  6. Take bottle guard juice daily empty stomach in morning
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