Top homeopathy medicine for fatty liver

Homeopathy Cure of Fatty Liver

homeopathy medicine for fatty liver
Fatty Liver Stages

homeopathy medicine for fatty liver

Homeopathic Treatment for Fatty Liver

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In this post you will find best answer of following questions

  • What is Fatty Liver?
  • What are the stages (Grades) of Fatty Liver?
  • What are the causes of Fatty Liver?
  • What are some common causes of Nash?
  • What are the risk factors for Fatty Liver?
  • What are the symptoms of Fatty Liver?
  • How is Fatty Liver diagnosed?
  • What are the tips for prevention of Fatty Liver?
  • What is the best treatment for Fatty Liver?
  • What is the best homeopathy medicine for fatty liver ?

What is Liver Function?

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Liver is a vital and most important organ in human body, liver processes everything that we eat or drink and also filters all harmful things from the blood.

What is Fatty Liver?

Accumulated of fat on the liver is known as Fatty Liver.

What cause fatty Liver?

There are many  reasons for Fatty Liver like

  • Alcoholism
  • incorrect diet
  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • excess use of medication
  • No exercise

Fatty liver Symptoms

  • Enlarged liver
  • Fatigue
  • Pain in the upper right abdomen
  • Abdominal swelling (ascites)
  • Enlarged blood vessels just beneath the skin’s surface
  • Enlarged breasts in men
  • Enlarged spleen
  • Red palms
  • Yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice)

Homeopathic Remedies for Fatty Liver

The homeopathy medicine for fatty liver are made of natural substances, should be given to patients after studying all unique symptoms experienced by patients. Homoeopathy is very effective to managing all the symptoms related Fatty liver disease and plays a vital role to prevent liver damage.

Top  homeopathy medicine for fatty liver

Chelidonium Q + Carduus marianum Q + Kalmegh Q + Chionanthus Q

Mix all above medicines in equal quantity and take 20-30 drops daily
Three times a day in half cup of water . Check the symptoms of following constitution medicines which one match best  take
weekly in 200 potency .

Sulphur : For Fatty Liver with burning Feet.

Lychopodium :For Fatty Liver with Acidity

Cal Carb: For Obese with Fatty Liver

Phosphorus : Fatty Liver with Food Coming up after Eating

Nux Vomica: Fatty Liver with Pain in Abdomen after Eating food

Diet : – Stop spicy and oily food completely and take boiled vegetables till cure .Walk 30 minutes regularly and do some light exercise .

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